Entrepreneurs Serving Entrepreneurs

Heller Law, PLLC

Tampa Bay, Florida

Heller Law is a boutique law firm specializing in complex commercial litigation, healthcare litigation and consulting for businesses in the Tampa Bay area and across Florida. Our attorneys are experienced business litigators who have tried numerous cases in Florida state and federal courts—but we’re also entrepreneurs, having founded and grown several businesses of our own. Those twin perspectives inform everything we do at Heller Law, guiding our decision making in and out of court. Because we’ve been there, you can count on us to understand your needs as a businessperson—and your best interests in the long run. As attorneys representing a multitude of startup and closely held enterprises, we have particular experience representing companies facing litigation that could end their businesses. Knowing that every decision along the way could have broad ramifications for you, we approach these cases with a heightened sensitivity to risk and a special emphasis on working closely together. Our emphasis is always on creating the best possible outcome for your situation. When the stakes are especially high, you can be confident that we will provide experience, legal acumen and a partner you can count on. Our lead attorney, Sam Heller, has substantial experience not just as a litigator, but as a trial lawyer who has led more than 30 multi-week trials to completion. Attorney Marc Wolfson has founded and developed multiple successful businesses in the Tampa Bay area and currently serves as a co-founder and director at Post 9/11 Veterans Corp., a 501(c)(3) nonprofit. Both Sam Heller and Marc Wolfson are Tampa Bay natives who are actively involved in their communities.