About the Firm

Based in St. Petersburg, Heller Law, PLLC, is a boutique business litigation law firm serving the entire Tampa Bay region. Our clients are entrepreneurs and established businesses on either side of a dispute; we handle general commercial lawsuits as well as litigation involving specialized health care laws and entities. We’re committed to providing both excellent representation and personalized service, no matter your background.

High-Stakes Litigation

Because we focus on business and healthcare litigation, we offer deep knowledge and experience that generalist firms may lack. We have extensive experience developing winning strategies for you, whether that means triumphing at trial or reaching a favorable settlement. We bring that experience to bear for you, working with you as knowledgeable partners, and that teamwork is part of why we have a long record of favorable results.

Because we represent numerous smaller or privately owned enterprises, we often get cases that could threaten our clients’ businesses. Those cases are different from ordinary business litigation in important ways, requiring personalized strategies and sometimes a great deal more involvement. As entrepreneurs ourselves, we know it can be nerve-wracking when your business is at stake, and we’re committed to working closely with you every step of the way. Our experience  as business litigators means we know how to work for the outcomes you want while minimizing unnecessary stress and cost.

Entrepreneurial Attorneys

Heller Law understands business from another angle: our attorneys are entrepreneurs themselves. Both lead attorney Samuel J. Heller and associate Marc J. Wolfson have a history of founding businesses from the startup stage to successful enterprises. In addition, Heller Law has had the privilege of stepping in as general counsel to certain clients, which means we’ve seen businesses through day-to-day legal matters requiring our attorneys to play multiple roles.

Client-Centered Approach

We believe Heller Law’s small size is a strength. Because we’re a boutique law firm, we can offer personalized service that larger, more hidebound law firms may not be able to. That’s especially important to us when representing people who have no prior experience with litigation, but are facing serious threats to their businesses. Knowing that this may be an unsettling moment, we listen carefully when you tell us about your needs and goals.   In this way, we work to earn the trust that you put in us.

You can learn more on this website about Heller Law’s attorneys and practices in business litigation, business consulting or healthcare litigation. If you’d like to discuss what Heller Law can do for you, don’t hesitate to contact us online, call us at 727-828-6071 or visit us at our St. Petersburg office.