Business Litigation

Heller Law handles all areas of business litigation, especially bet-the-company disputes. As a boutique business litigation firm serving small and mid-sized companies, we frequently handle lawsuits that could determine the future of your business. We have extensive experience with high-stakes decisions—and because we are entrepreneurs ourselves, our advice is informed by an understanding of what those decisions mean for you. When everything is at stake, Heller Law provides knowledge, experience and a steady hand.

We represent Tampa Bay-area businesses as both plaintiffs and defendants in all forms of business litigation, including:

  • Breaches of contract or nondisclosure agreements
  • Employment and labor cases
  • Real estate matters
  • Health care litigation
  • Partnership and corporate disputes
  • Consumer actions
  • Trademark infringement, false advertising and other competitive actions

Our Commitment to Your Business

The smaller and closely held companies we represent are frequently more than just a livelihood for their owners—they’re a reason for getting up in the morning. When something threatens the business that you’ve worked hard to create, you need a law firm that understands what is at stake and knows what to do about it.

Because Heller Law frequently handles high-stakes litigation, we have extensive experience running these cases with the different approach and risk tolerance that they require. We’ve had the honor of assuming outside general counsel roles for certain clients—plus we’ve grown our own businesses—so we know how the decisions we make in court can reverberate in your day-to-day operations. And as a firm dedicated to business litigation, we know how to reach the best possible outcome efficiently and effectively.

Our Commitment to Client Service

As a boutique law firm without a large bureaucracy, we believe one of our strengths is our ability to offer a personal connection. We’re committed to your best interests, and we show it by truly listening to your goals and concerns.If you come to us after bad experiences with other law firms, we make it our business to help you feel understood and valued.

Heller Law starts every case by sitting down with you to discuss your goals, your budget and your risk tolerance. Based on our extensive business litigation experience, we can then offer our best professional opinions about your options and how each is likely to play out in the real world. Depending on your situation, we may offer:

  • Pre-litigation counseling, including strategizing about whether, when and how to file
  • All filings and paperwork required for a successful lawsuit
  • Strategic responses to the other side’s actions
  • Counseling and preparation for depositions and other tense interactions
  • Experienced, skilled negotiation in settlement talks
  • If necessary, vigorous representation at trial
  • Intervention in pending cases to “rescue” matters when clients are not happy with their prior counsel

If you’re interested in speaking to Heller Law about your situation and how you can address it through litigation, don’t hesitate to contact us online or call us at 727-828-6701. Based in St. Petersburg, we serve startups and established businesses throughout the Tampa Bay region.